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Simlak village is located in Jalalpore Taluka of Navsari district in Gujarat, India. Simlak village is 2 Kilometer far from National highway-8 and 5 Kilometer far from Maroli- Railway Station. Nearby cities - Surat-20 Kilometer, Mumbai-250 Kilometer, Ahmedabad-260 Kilometer. Around population of 1000 and majority people are Muslim. A School named "The Simlak Muslim Education Institute" gives quality Gujarati medium education upto 12 Standard. A Historic well constructed mosque with capacity of about more than 200 people can pray namaz at a time. Mainly Suratee Sunni Vohra community families (Hans, Lakhi, Memi, Nana, Mia, Motara, Patel, Pandor, Daya, Bham, Adam, Desai, Vaid, Mangera, Bhikhu, Sallu, Bismilah and more) are live in village. Many people went to different countries like U.K., Canada, Panama, Barbados, France, South Africa from simlak village and now setteled at foreign countries. Simlak Velfare Society also established in U.K. by N.R.I.'s of village for help simlak village financially. Most people of village depending on Agriculture.

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